Trigga Home Office Fitouts

Trigga Home Office Fitouts

You Need A Home Office That Let’s You Be your Productive & Creative Best. 

Even before COVID, a professionally designed and built home office was becoming the new must have for professionals across all industries. 

COVID has only shone a light on the importance of a properly equipped Home office or Study Nook. 

A home office that is designed for your preferences, ergonomically designed to help you stay working for longer is achievable with modest budgets and even small spaces.

We are Melbourn’e foremost home office refurbishment professionals. 

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Small Office Fitout Completed In Carlton, Melbourne

Home Office Fitouts Melbourne, Victoria

For more than 10 years we have been designing and building home offices across Melbourne.

With so much experience we have learned a thing or two about space utilization, integrating a home office with a home’s aesthetics and transforming old, cramped spaces into beautiful working areas.  

Space Utilization Is Key

Most homes do not have a lot of excess space for a new home office. And even if you do have a large space set aside, you will want to use the space intelligently. 

A poorly planned space will look unnecessarily cluttered. 


Digital Capabilities

Your new home office can’t just look good. The technolgy must work as well as your new space looks. 

Our team of IT and Digital Consultants will make sure you have the fastest possible internet access and will get all your technology set up. 

Fitouts Done Fast

A new home office design and build does not have to take months. 

Our carefully planning and expert project management help us to deliver home office transformation as quick as any other fitout firm. 

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A Seamless New Home Office Experience From Start To New Office

Let Us Inspire You


We have a team of designers and builders who have created stunning home offices and studies all across Australia.

No matter your budget or space you have to work with, we have the in-house experts who can inspire you to land on the perfect home office space. 

Professional Project Management


Project management is critical. Many firms don’t pay it the attention it deserves. Great project managements requires well through through processes, supporting technology and well trained professionals who can execute said processes and communicate well. Our goal with project management is that you won’t even notice it. Only then are we sure things are going well.

Get To Working...In Style


Once we have helped you land on the perfect new home office design, and man aged the entire, pain-free process, all that is left to do is to begin working in your new home office or study nook. 

This day can some faster and more cheaply than you might think. Chat with our team today to find out how. 


Talk To Our Team About Your New Home Office

We are ready to get work when you are. 

If you need some help deciding what you want in your home office, we’d love to help.

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Client Testimonials

“Honestly my new home office is fantastic. I will not be going back to an office job. EVER.”

Hendrick Till

“My wife and I have seperate working spaces in what was one room. She can take calls at the same time as I can. It’s really great”

Bill Dow

“We had a really small space to work with so I am astounded at what was achieved. My new study nook has everything my desk at work has.”

Lisa Batty

Take The First Step To Your New Office

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Some of Our Past Office Fitout Clients

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Small Office Refurbishment Project In Melbourne

enjoyable workspace

A Space To Enjoy Working In

You need a home office workspace that is devoid of clutter, that is stylish, well connected and a joy to be in. 

It does not matter whether you are looking to transform a large room into a solitary home office space or whether you are planning on sharing a room with a spouse or even if you need to utilize a closet or a corner for your new home office workspace. 

Our team are Melbourne’s best home office designers and builders of offices of all sizes and budgets. 

Choose our team of professionals and we guarantee you will love working in the office we create together.


Your Melbourne Home Office Must Promote Productivity

For some, working from home can be hard. Whether it’s the lack of direct human interaction or working from a less digitally equipped space, there are those workers who believe they are less productive when working from home.  

We have met many people throughout Melbourne who feel this way. And in the vast majority of cases we have been able to show these same people that they can be even more productive when working from home. All they need is an office space that has been designed for their needs, for the type of work that they do, and finished with furniture that speaks to their individual preferences.

Medical Office Reception After A Refurbishment
Bar Fitout In St.kilda

Home Office Furniture Fitout

Home Office Furniture – Off-Shelf or Custom

Our team of furniture designers and furniture procurement managers are the absolute best at building or finding the perfect furniture items to complete any new home office. 

We have many clients with varying budgets and tastes.  And because of this it’s essential that our team has a bedrock of furniture knowledge to inspire our clients in order to get projects finished on time and to keep projects on budget.

If you’re dreaming of a custom-made corner desk with a polished wood finish, a one-of-a-kind reclining chair, or maybe you just want minimalist desk chairs that match the rest of the furniture throughout your house –  Our team will find or build whatever furniture you need to complete the look.

We'd Love To Discuss Your New Office Ideas

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Finishes Really Matter

The finishes you choose are the subtle details that can make a huge difference when everything is put together in one room. 

Most of our clients are not designers or creatives who have a flair for furniture and upholstery finishes. 

So it’s critical our team is fully prepared to guide you through a decision process to land on a range of materials, colors, and accessories you will love to look at each day.

To give you a sense of the choice of finishes you only have to consider all the different types of material commonly used in office desks. From Timber veneers, polyurethane, undercoat paint finishes, reconstructed Stone, see-through acrylic and Metal. 

All this choice will likely be overwhelming, and may even delay the decision making process and lead to added anxiety and stress.

Lean on our team to guide you and your family through the vast range of finishes.

Dental Office Fitout
Dental Office Fitout
Lecture Theatre In Monash University Melbourne


Ergonomics…The New Internet?

As important as the internet has proven itself to be in the modern work space over the past 20 years, ergonomics is proving to be just as, or almost as important to the vast majority of employees throughout Victoria and Australia in today’s economy.

The reasons for this are simple. If you are unable to work or your productivity is impeded, for most people this means less money, less output and a perception of not performing at a high standard. When you take into account and understand the impact that uncomfortable furniture or office layouts can have, it’s little wonder that ergonomics is becoming a huge focal point for businesses and individual employees and entrepreneurs working from home.

On our staff we have people who are experts in the field. They are aware of the latest scientific advice and how to optimize a workspace to avoid injury and keep you comfortable so that you can work for longer.

Study nooks

Study Nooks for Melbourne Homes

A large percentage of our home office without clients are not actually looking for a home office in the traditional sense. These people do not have a room they can use and convert into an office space, often they don’t even have a section of a large room they can utilize as an office space. 

But this doesn’t matter, because there are things called study nooks.

A Study Nook is a small area that typically features a fully equipped desk and chair –  essentially everything that you have at your office. A study nook is intelligently built ‘into’ your home.

We can turn closets, bookcases that are built into a wall or even just a flat wall into a study Nook. 

The end result will look professional, stylish and most importantly be a working space with plenty of room for multiple screens, keyboards and in-built storage space.

If you’re on a modest budget, have only a small space to work with or only need a small working space at your home, a Study Nook could be just what you were looking for.

Laboratory In Richmond
Laboratory In Richmond


Melbourne Home Office Fitouts

Home office Fitout specialist throughout greater Melbourne. Our core competence as Small office Fit out professionals translates perfectly into the home space.Don’t settle for a make-shift office. design it to your exact working preferences. 

If you’re working from home you need a space that you enjoy and one that separates you from the rest of the house. 

Home Office Fitout In Richmond

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Let’s Create Your Perfect Office

 We have team of architects and designers who are highly specialized in their respective fields. Whether we’re in need of a dedicated home office or study, and partitioned home office or a study nook, we have the skills and experience to deliver the perfect office within your budget. 


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